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Mairead McGuinness and Enrico Letta congratulate Luca Jahier on his appointment as EESC president

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534th Plenary Session - New presidency - Inaugural Session

During the inauguration plenary session on 18 April, a number of guests greeted the new President, Luca Jahier.

Notably, Mairead McGuinness and Enrico Letta sent him warm and enthusiastic video messages.




Besides expressing her enthusiasm on Luca Jahier's recent appointment, European Parliament's First Vice-President Mairead McGuinness showed admiration on his previous work in the Committee. McGuinness seemed very confident in Jahier's leadership in carrying out his presidency agenda priorities, i.e. sustainable development, peace, culture and youth.

After expressing his consideration towards Luca Jahier's expertise,  Enrico Letta, former Italian Prime Minister and MEP, conveyed an inspiring message, giving full support to Mr Jahier in his new function. Given that 2019 is a year of important political changes for the European institutions, Letta also encouraged the EESC President to start already addressing the social and economic problems for a better future of Europe.