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2nd meeting of the EU-Korea Civil Society Forum under the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement

During the meeting, the civil society representatives from the EU and the Republic of Korea, i.e. members of their Domestic Advisory Groups (DAGs)  discussed the latest developments related to implementation of the Trade and Sustainable Development chapter of the EU-Korea FTA, as well as relations between trade and green growth, and trade and labour rights respectively.

A workshop on the implementation of labour rights was organised back to back to the Forum and took place on 12 September. It was attended by members of the Korean and the EU Domestic Advisory Groups, as well as by other representatives of the Korean civil society. Interventions included presentations of the views of the DAGs on implementation in the law and practice of the ILO core labour standards related to prohibition of forced labour and promotion of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Presentations were followed by an open discussion between the DAGs and other participants.