CDP European Roundtable - event report now available

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CDP European Roundtable which brings together leading businesses, public officials and CDP experts to discuss the latest topics in sustainable business. On 20 February CDP partnered with the EESC to organise this year's Roundtable.

The event focused on devising and implementing strategies towards environmental leadership, within and beyond companies’ direct operations, and the role of public procurement in driving action on climate change.

The President of the Sustainable Development Observatory, peter Schmidt gave concluding remarks at the event and underlined the importance of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda as a global, comprehensive and positive economic, social and environmental contract of shared responsibility to commit to a path towards sustainable human well-being within planetary boundaries. He said that SDGs cannot be achieved without the strong commitment of the business community and that it was encouraging to see businesses taking ownership of the SDGs and using them as a guideline for attaining sustainable business development in their supply chain operations.


Event report - CDP Europe Roundtable 2019