Meeting of the SMEs, Crafts and Liberal Professions Category

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The SMEs, Crafts and Liberal Professions Category held a meeting on 1st of April 2014, in the morning. The spokesperson,  Panagiotis Gkofas ,  presented the latest developments and gave an overview of his activities over the past months. Members also had an opportunity to conduct a thematic debate on the "Crowdfunding in the EU – Exploring the added value of potential EU action" with interventions of representatives of the European Commission DG MARKT,  Maria Teresa Fabregas Fernandez, as well as of the BUSINESSEUROPE SME Department, Daniel Cloquet and of the President of European Crowdfunding Network,  Oliver Gajda. The spokesperson of the "Consumers and Environment" category, Reine-Claude Mader, intervened to provide the point of view of consumers on the topic. A presentation by Deborah Dawton from  Design Business Association, specialist in design and investment was followed by a debate.  



Presentation of Ms Dawton (EN uniquement)

Presentation of Ms Fabregas-Fernandez (EN uniquement)