Your Europe, Your Say! 2018


We did it!

The following recommendations received the most votes of the ten, with the first two being joint winners:

1. The opportunity of discovering other cultures through travelling– ex aequo

This project suggests creating a special study exchange program with language classes, where students would live in host families and learn about new cultures.

1. Preserve culture, learn from the past and use it to build the future – ex aequo

This recommendation aims to create the European Union House of Cuisine in every Member State. When ordering a specific national dish, the service would include a small note explaining the historical circumstances in which the dish was originally created and would build higher tolerance between nations. Besides that, the group of students proposed creating a support program for small, traditional handmade craft stores in order to preserve our traditional folk culture.

2. Experiment with culture

This project aims to bring culture and cultural heritage closer to all people by creating travelling theme festivals and avoiding concentrations of museums in big cities. It is an ideal we should try to achieve because it is a way we can become richer. It is much more interesting when you open up to other cultures.




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