1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

3. Revision of the new composition of the Advisory Group and of the Rules of Procedure

4. Information from the presidency

4.1 Information about the Civil Society Forum and joint document

4.2 Follow-up to the statement of the Board on Trade and Sustainable Development (BTSD)

4.3 Outcome of the Civil Society Forum of 13 June and Advisory Group evaluation

5. Information from DG Trade

5.1 Information on the BTSD work programme

5.2 Information on the evaluation of the agreement's implementation

5.3 Information on the Partnership Instrument

6. Discussion on the Advisory Group's roadmap

6.1Follow-up of decisions taken by the presidency

6.2 Working method

6.3 Memo on best practice and smooth exchange of documents

7. Advisory Group work programme

7.1 Assessment of the subjects proposed

7.2 Debate

8. Visibility of the Advisory Group

9. Other business