Seminar in Kobe

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Moderator:     Prof. Masahiko Yoshii (Faculty of Economics), Kobe University


10:00-10:10     Opening

10:10-10:30     Prof. Kazufumi Yugami, Social Science Department of Organization of Advanced Science and Technology, Kobe University:

      Technological change and its impact on labour markets: Case of Europe and Japan

10:30-10:50     Prof. Zhi-Wei Luo, Graduate School of System Informatics, Department of System Science, Kobe University:

       Impact of Robotics Innovation for Aging Society

10:50-11:10      Ms Eve Päärendson, President, EESC-Japan Follow-up Committee, Member of Employers Group, EESC:

       Technological change: impact on skill demand

11:10-11:30      Mr Osamu Yoguchi, General Manager of Planning and Research Department, Kansai Association of Corporate Executives (KACE/Kansai Keizai Doyukai):

       Japanese executives´ point of view on technological change and its impact  

11:30-11:50      Mr Krzysztof Pater, Member, EESC-Japan Follow-up Committee Member of Diversity Europe Group, EESC:

       Platform Work and Other New Forms of Employment Driven by Digitalisation

 11:50-12:10     Mrs Laure Batut, Member, EESC-Japan Follow-up Committee Member of Employees' Group, EESC:

        The consequences of digitalisation on working conditions

12:10-12:25       Mr Junichiro Kuroda, Deputy Director-General for World Expo 2025, Ministry of Economy and Industry (METI):

Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai: “Designing Future Society for Our Lives

 12:25-12:35      Discussion




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