CEPI asbl (Conseil européen des Professions immobilières)

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Summary of the initiative

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CEPI asbl (Conseil européen des Professions immobilières)
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In the spirit of the Single European Act and having regard to the responsibilities which are incumbent upon real estate professionals as a result of the civil, economic and social role allotted to them, we establish the principles of a common Code of Ethics gathering the principles of conduct and ethics of their professions. The rules aim to ensure to the consumer the best guarantees and quality of services in the interest of the common good and for the conservation of the professional inheritance for future generations. They also aim to ensure the best relations between professionals. Each member organisation whilst rigorously respecting the spirit of the code, may adapt it to the specific professional circumstances within its own country. The code owners are apart from the CEPI the CEAB asbl (Confédération Européenne des Administrateurs de Biens: Property Managers) and EPAG asbl (European Property Agents Group).

Description of the Initiative

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European Code of Ethics for Real Estate Professionals