Combatting climate change: putting a price on carbon on the basis of economic and social criteria

Carbon prices are now pivotal in the fight against climate change, as they are acknowledged to be a key economic and financial tool for weaning economies off carbon.

Set directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly, carbon prices play a very different role in the EU Member States' climate policies, albeit chiefly through taxes which primarily affect jobs and the purchasing power of the least well-off households. These policies have a deflationary effect on economic growth and are at the root of the rise in social inequality in many European countries, which is why the policies urge compensation mechanisms to mitigate this effect. However, looking for new sources of revenue and jobs would seem to be the most appropriate response - although taxes cannot be excluded – to kick start fair, equitable, low-carbon growth in Europe.


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Lutter contre le changement climatique: un prix du carbone basé sur des critères économiques et sociaux

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