European Climate Pact (Exploratory opinion)

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Tackling climate and environmentally related challenges has become an increasingly urgent task and requires drastic changes in our lifestyle. In order to address those challenges and bring about those changes, the European Commission adopted a European Green Deal as the new strategy for an EU economy that is sustainable, cleaner, safer and healthier.

Its success will depend heavily on the EU's capacity to engage with its citizens. On 4 March, the European Commission opened a consultation to gather views on ways to engage with the public on climate action. This will serve as background for the Commission to launch a “Climate Pact” in the 3rd quarter of 2020. Because the EESC has an impressive history of activity in stakeholder involvement, particularly in its continued efforts to engage non-state actors in climate action, the Commission requested an opinion from the EESC on the Climate Pact.

The Exploratory Opinion should provide guidance on how to build on existing structures like citizens' dialogues and assemblies, social dialogue committees in order to structure and mainstream the dialogue with civil society. The opinion will make recommendations about how to encourage information sharing and public understanding of climate action; how to create real and virtual spaces for exchange on climate and how to build capacity to facilitate grassroots initiatives, among others.