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Meeting MEPs to push for a sustainable Europe

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Conference of Committee Chairs (CCC). Exchange of views with the President of the European Economic and Social Committee

This week at the Conference of Committee Chairs in Strasbourg, I reiterated once again to MEPs that we need to rapidly move toward a rEUnaissance Dare a Sustainable Europe.

Together we exchanged constructive ideas about the future of Europe. I laid out the EESC's efforts on the issue and our concrete plans following Sibiu and the EU elections. With a little more than two months left before the European elections, an open and inclusive debate about the future of Europe is now more important than ever.

Needless to say, the EESC, representing the European civil society, is quite focused on the upcoming elections because the stake at play is particularly high. We urge for an inclusion of European civil society, thus listening to the citizens of Europe in order to create a sustainable future for Europe.

I discussed plans for a sustainable future of Europe in bilateral meetings with Mairead McGuinness, Danuta Maria Hübner, Antonio Tajani, Petra Kammerevert, David-Maria Sassoli, Ingeborg Gräßle, Udo Bullmann and Emily O'Reilly.

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