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European Commission:

Autumn 2018 Economic Forecast (European Commission – Press release, November 2018) – EN only – Ext

Convergence report 2018 (European Commission, May 2018) – EN only – Ext

State of the Union 2018 (European Commission, September 2018) (pdf) – Ext


European Parliament:

The Future of Europe: Contours of the current debate (European Parliament Research Service, Briefing, April 2018) (pdf) – Ext

Europe’s challenges in 2018: Ten issues to watch (European Parliament Research Service, In-depth analysis, January 2018) (pdf) – Ext



A Compass to Prosperity: The Next Steps of Euro Area Economic Integration (IMF, Speech, March 2018) – Ext


Think tanks:


Economic Convergence or Divergence in the EU? (CEPS Commentaries, October 2018) – EN only – Ext

Convergence in the European Union: Inside and outside the euro (CEPS, April 2018) (pdf) – EN only – Ext



Euro area reform: An anatomy of the debate (Bruegel Policy Insight, October 2018) (pdf) – EN only – Ext

One size does not fit all: European integration by differentiation (Bruegel Policy Brief, September 2018) (pdf) – EN only – Ext

Fighting fear with factfulness – and engagement (Keynote speech by Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, delivered at Bruegel's Annual Dinner, September 2018) – EN only – Ext



State of the Union by EPC President, Herman Van Rompuy (EPC, November 2018) – EN only – Ext

Can the EU structural funds reconcile growth, solidarity and stability objectives? (EPC – Issue Paper, October 2017) – EN only – Ext

European Pillar of Social Rights: Member states must shoulder the responsibility of delivery (EPC, March 2018) – EN only – Ext


Other think tanks:

Economic convergence as the cornerstone of EMU resilience (Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’, June 2018) (pdf) – EN only – Ext


Academia and other

Pathways from the European Periphery: Lessons from the Political Economy of Development (Dellepiane-Avellaneda, Hardiman, Pagoulatos, Blavoukos, April 2018) – EN only – Ext

In the face of the European Union's political crisis: the vital cultural struggle over values (Robert Schuman Foundation, July 2018) – Ext