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Lead Government Body


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  • Agenda 2030 has been mainstreamed into Czech development policy through the Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030, adopted in April 2017. In October 2018, an implementation plan for the Strategic Framework was adopted.
  • Civil society organisations were consulted through public consultations in the drafting of the Strategic framework Czech Republic 2030 and are also engaged during implementation.
  • First report on the implementation of Agenda 2030 in the Czech Republic should be published in December 2020.

Description of the initiative

    Institutional framework

    Lead and supporting government bodies
    • The process of coordination and implementation of the Agenda 2030 on the national level is led by the Ministry of the Environment.
    • Ministry of the Environment is consulting the Government Council for Sustainable Development.
    • All other ministries are involved in the implementation of the SD strategy.
    Strategic framework
    • The Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030, adopted in April 2017, is the core document of the administration for sustainable development and improvement of the quality of life. In six key areas, it summarises where stands currently the development of the Czech Republic, where are the risks and opportunities. It formulates strategic and specific objectives for each sector. In addition to the traditional three pillars of development (social, environmental and economic), the key areas are focusing on living in regions and municipalities, on the Czech contribution to global development and good governance.
    • The main implementation tools of the Agenda 2030 are linked to implementation of the Strategic Framework, to which all SDGs were directly integrated. The Strategic Framework sets 27 specific goals for the Czech republic which cover all the 17 SDGs.
    • In April 2018, an Implementation Plan for the Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030 was developed. This Implementation Plan sets out a set of recommendations and measures for each of the 27 specific goals for the Czech Republic and applies to the responsible gestures (most often the competent ministry). The implementation plan was approved by the Government Council for Sustainable Development and adopted by the Government in mid-October 2018.
    • It serves as a converter for the implementation of individual SDGs for national administrations, including the identification of links to the strategic framework Czech Republic 2030 itself and gaps between the sub-objectives of the Agenda, which are not covered by the Czech Republic 2030.
    • The main tool for tracking the compatibility of the goals at different levels is the regularly updated Database of Strategies, which is an online platform linking goals and targets of various strategies and which is also linked with data sources of indicators. The Framework will be regularly reviewed and the minimum interval for revision has been defined as every five years.
    Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals
    • The Strategic Framework is the overarching government document for national, regional and local levels. At the same time, it serves as a transfer mechanism for the Czech Republic's commitments to the European Union and the global community on sustainable development. It sets six long-term priority areas for the development of the Czech Republic and formulates strategic and specific objectives.
    • In October 2018, an Implementation Plan for the Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030 was adopted.

    Role of civil society

    Involvement in implementation of Sustainable Development Goals
    Civil society platform for 2030
    • Association of Social Responsibility (A-CSR) is the largest initiative of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Czech Republic. The Association brings together involved parties and links organizations from the corporate, non-profit, educational, and public sectors to increase their CSR and sustainable business potential and abilities. Through an active dialogue with the state, A-CSR has a significant impact on CSR policy and agenda of sustainable development in the Czech Republic.
    • Since 2017, the Association has been organizing the prestigious SDGs Awards that are a unique way of recognition of fulfilling the UN SDGs in the Czech Republic. Since 2016, A-CSR has been the national ambassador of a major global event Giving Tuesday and as such, the Association has contributed to the culture of donation in the Czech Republic.
    • As the national partner of the United Nations Global Compact, A-CSR helps to bring to the Czech Republic the global and unique know-how of this world’s largest sustainable business platform within the United Nations.

    SD council or equivalent


    The main tasks of the GSDC include finding agreement on the long-term priorities and assessing the key trends in sustainable development at national and global level. It also guarantees the development of key strategic documents for sustainable development for the Czech Republic.


    • GSDC is the government’s permanent consultative, initiating and coordinating authority for sustainable development, strategic direction and the long-term priorities of the state.
    • GSDC is seeking to bring together experts with policy makers, as well as with strategic departments of ministries, public and civil society, to ensure comprehensive insight into key issues affecting the development of the country. GSDC is composed of eight expert committees dealing with each of the thematic areas, and four working groups.
    • GSDC is composed of representatives from ministries, Office of the Government, the Parliament of the Czech Republic, social partners and non-governmental organisations and academia.
    • GSDC meets at least once a year and, in the meantime, urgent tasks may be addressed by the GSDC Management Committee. Up to five "ad personam" persons may be nominated into the Council. The Council is currently composed of 39 members.
    • Technical and administrative support is provided by the Department of Sustainable Development of the Ministry of the Environment as defined in the Statute of the GCSD and Rules of Procedure of the GCSD.
    • GSDC organises every year Forum on SD which ensures awareness and societal debate around the key issues of sustainable development and is accessible to the general public.
    • GSDC coordinates every year European sustainable development week

    National Economic & Social Council


    The Working Groups of the Council are its expert bodies which for the same purpose and with the same level of responsibility extraordinarily and temporarily deal with topical matters of common interest raised by participating delegations in keeping with the framework established in its Statutes. There is not a Working Group linked specifically to Agenda 2030 and the SDGs.


    The Council has no specific task strictly related to Agenda 2030 and the SDGs.



    Monitoring & Evaluation


    UN SDSN SDG Index Country Profile

    The Czech Republic ranks 7th in the SDG global ranking of 2019

    • Indicators are described in the Annex 1 to the Strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030.
    • The set of indicators defined in the Strategic Framework was designed to measure its implementation at the level of individual specific objectives. This is a big change comparing to the Strategic Framework from 2010, which contained context indicators referring primarily to priority axis level.
    • Proposed indicators are an open data set which will be the main basis for drawing up a comprehensive report on quality of life and sustainability, presented every two years.
    • Ministry of the Environment will coordinate the achievement of each of the objectives and in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Institute it will monitor the progress at national level by means of a global indicator framework.
    • Based on communications with individual ministries and institutions in the Czech Republic, on 21 May 2018, there was 68 indicators assessed as available, 42 indicators partially available, 8 indicators irrelevant and 19 unavailable.
    • The Czech Republic will use, as far as possible, the global indicator framework to monitor and report on the implementation of the SDGs. For monitoring the fulfilment of the national priorities defined in the Strategic Framework, the Czech Republic has developed a national indicator set containing 192 indicators.
    • Evaluation of the achievement of objectives will be regularly published in the report on the implementation of Agenda 2030. The report will be processed by the Ministry of the Environment and submitted every three years to the government.
    • First report on the implementation of Agenda 2030 in the Czech Republic should be published on 31 December 2020.
    Voluntary National Report

    All the SDGs and most of the targets of Agenda 2030 are applicable at the national level. None of the SDGs have been fully accomplished but each goal contains areas where the Czech Republic scores well and which can be considered as strengths.

    VNR 2017 has been prepared with the support of the Government Council for Sustainable Development and its Committees and following consultation with the relevant stakeholders.

    Czech Republic's Voluntary National Review can be accessed here.