European Union Solidarity Fund

Key points:


  • sees a need for the immediate amendment of Regulation 2012/2002 and supports the Commission's efforts even though the new proposal is rather conservative.
  • Finds that all appropriate measures should be taken to cut red tape in the functioning of the EUSF and to accelerate its procedures.
  • agrees with the proposed introduction of advance payments, a clearer definition of what constitute "major disasters" and "extraordinary regional disasters" and the measures to be taken regarding Member States that fail to focus adequately on disaster prevention.
  • considers the threshold values mentioned for a disaster regarding the extent of recorded damage to be particularly high, and these should be lowered.
  • Requests that greater budget resources should be allocated to the functioning of the EUSF, and the EUSF's operating conditions should be entirely transparent.
  • finds that disasters should be included that occur suddenly as a result of the greenhouse effect of climate change in general and also disasters caused by terrorist acts.
  • endorses the polluter pays principle.
  • believes that the 9-12 month period for paying aid is excessively long and fails to meet the aim of providing urgent and immediate help.
  • considers that rules should be drawn up on how to publicise and promote the Fund in order to familiarise the public with its work.