EESC opinion: Integration and the Social Agenda

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EESC opinion: Integration and the Social Agenda

Key points

The European Economic and Social Committee has decided to draw up this own-initiative opinion in order that the EU may strengthen the links between its integration policies and the Social Policy Agenda.

The EESC believes that the 2010 review of the Social Agenda should take greater account of the social effects of immigration.

Integration policies must be linked to the main objectives of EU social policy; thus, all people – including third-country nationals, EU citizens from immigrant backgrounds and minorities – will be able to benefit from them.

The approach of diversity through immigration should be included across the board when specific policies and measures are drawn up and implemented.

Consequently, taking into account the experience gained from other policies, the Committee proposes that a process of mainstreaming integration be provided for in the EU's different political, legislative and financial instruments, in order to promote integration, equal treatment and non-discrimination.