Participation of the EESC President, in the 25th Conference of the Greek Teachers in Europe

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On Monday 7th of March the President of the EESC, Georges Dassis participated in the 25th Conference of the Greek Teachers in Europe. During a seminar that was organised in cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Commission alongside with the Greek Teachers in Europe, Georges Dassis addressed the public on the issue of "Multicultural Europe and the Greek Education towards new challenges". 


During his speech the EESC President mentioned that regarding the migration and refugee crises Europe should act based on solidarity and social dialogue to find concrete solution for the integration of these people. Instead, these people who have come to Europe to save their lives from the war are faced with xenophobic and racist attacks by a limited number of people. Furthermore, he stressed that although this group of people is a small one, it is the education systems that should be utilised in order to combat those phenomena. He highlighted the importance of education by saying that "it is through the education that we can create a better Europe; a Europe with citizens without racist beliefs where the respect between people will be a key value and this will lead to a Europe that will promote the Fundamental Human Rights".


Moreover, Georges Dassis spoke about the necessity of the immediate integration of refugees of all ages in to the societies and their access to the education systems, while he also stated that it is vital for Europe to offer equal treatment to both EU citizens and refugees. Finally, he stressed that a course for the European History should be introduced to the schools across Europe, in order the young students to have a better understanding of the importance of the European Integration.