Debate on the state of play of the REFIT Platform and efforts to simplify EU legislation towards a better regulation, Group III Meeting, 20/02/2019

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On 20 February, two speakers took the floor with our Members during the thematic session on the REFIT Platform

The REFIT Platform brings together high-level experts from stakeholders and Member States in regular meetings to improve existing EU legislation.

Mr Lannoo (Group III Member) gave a general presentation about the platform, its role and composition. He provided the Members with explanations on how REFIT opinions are adopted and on how the EESC is contributing to the platform. EESC opinions related to the Better Regulation agenda and the REFIT Platform, nomination of EESC representatives to the platform and EESC priorities based on specific opinions are main parts of the EESC contribution. The emphasis was on the suggestions EESC representatives made during a meeting they had with representatives from the European Commission last January: 

  • a clearer definition of the platform's mandate 
  • a more careful selection of the stakeholders 
  • a better balancing of the focus between reducing vs. improving regulation 

In her presentation, Ms Condurat, Policy Officer at the EU Commission, underlined the EU's efforts to simplify legislation and the principles guided towards a better regulation system. It was the opportunity for her to present the working methods, the main elements of the 2018 Annual Burden Survey as well as the further efforts to be continued under the next Commission. She concluded her intervention by pointing out the following efforts: 

  • Better regulation stock-tacking 
  • All evaluations should present clearly the REFIT aspect 
  • Tackling concerns raised by the Task Force on Subsidiarity: proportionality, role of local and regional authorities, density of legislation...  
  • Costs, benefits and savings should be quantified to the extent possible
  • The REFIT aspects should be clearly highlighted in the explanatory memorandum 
  • Maintaining focus on avoiding burdens in the legislative process 


Presentation by Mr Lannoo on the state of play of the REFIT Platform

Presentation by Ms Condurat on the EU's efforts to simplify legislation towards a better regulation