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Euphonìa et Vitruvian Europa

On the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, Europa Nostra - the voice of cultural heritage in Europe - led by Plácido Domingo has launched the “Ode2Joy” challenge in order to reinterpret the Hymn to Joy. Valentina Volpe Andreazza and her team responded with the video #Euphonìa, mixing dance and music, post-industrial and Renaissance atmospheres. Their Renaissance vision of Europe is to explore where innovation and creativity produce a dialogue through music: four voices that sing in europanto, to create a connection between dance, notes, architecture and digital creativity, where each one of them sing different notes, ultimately creating a unique harmony. The video received 10 000 views in the first week following its release and it is considered one of the best contributions to the #ode2joy Challenge. On 21 February 2019 Euphonìa will be performed live for the first time since its creation, with the contribution of the following performers:

Singers: Selena Bellomi, soprano, Valentina Volpe Andreazza, mezzosoprano, Teo Aroni, tenor, Marco Cazzuffi, baritone

Dancers: Francesco Pacelli, Antonia Pacelli

Musician: Marcello Giannandrea, bassoon

In speaking about architecture, we are not only referring to geometry or design, but also to the ways of fostering human relationships in both the private and public spheres; Certainly today, we are all aware that the architecture of Europe is being called into question; so let us work together to renew and adapt this architecture. We simply need to follow the three main principles of architecture recommended by the great Roman architect Vitruvius: durability, it should be in good condition in the long term; utility, it should function well for the people using it; beauty, it should delight people and raise their spirits; so let us, politicians, civil society, all together, be the good architects of our time. The world premiere of “Vitruvian Europe”, composed by Marco Cazzuffi, will also be presented by the team.

© Guido Giannone © WOA Creative Company (first photo)
© Guido Giannone (second photo)