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  • Health, education and economic measures imposed by EU Member States during the COVID crisis have largely failed to protect Roma communities by not taking into account their extreme poverty and by not giving them priority in public health and vaccination strategies

  • Having learnt from the shortcomings of the previous EU Roma framework over the past decade, the European Commission is determined to achieve the headline targets of the new Roma strategic framework, closing the gap of discrimination and socio-economic exclusion by at least half by 2030. However, the role of the Member States in delivering tangible results is pivotal. Without effective national strategies and pragmatic measures, the new framework risks failing in the same manner as its predecessor. 

  • In June, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) held a hearing focusing on combating discrimination in the employment and recruitment of Roma, which revealed that the current strategies for fostering their inclusion in the labour market were largely failing.

  • À l’issue d’un examen long et approfondi de la situation des femmes roms, le Comité économique et social européen (CESE) a adopté, lors de sa session plénière de décembre, un avis exploratoire dans lequel il a appelé de ses vœux des efforts de grande envergure en vue de mettre en œuvre des politiques en leur faveur ...(lire plus)

  • La più grande minoranza d'Europa (oltre dieci milioni di persone) continua ad essere discriminata ed emarginata in molti Stati membri dell'Unione europea. Rappresentanti delle ONG per i diritti umani e responsabili politici dell'UE, riunitisi presso il Comitato economico e sociale europeo (CESE), hanno lanciato l'allarme sul fatto che, in molti casi, le polizie europee continuano a ricorrere alla profilazione etnica nei confronti dei Rom. Un'audizione pubblica sul tema "Affrontare il problema dell'antiziganismo nelle pratiche di profilazione etnica" ha avuto luogo nel quadro della terza edizione della Settimana europea dei rom organizzata dalle istituzioni dell'UE, svoltasi a Bruxelles dall'8 al 12 aprile.  

  • Despite many EU funding schemes, efforts so far have failed in making a significant impact on the life of Roma, an EESC hearing reveals

  • "The European Economic and Social Committee considers that the participation of Roma at all stages of decision-making is essential for achieving effective policies that can make a real difference to their situation within the EU. However, the tools available today are not sufficient in this regard"

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