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  • Adottati on 05/07/2017 - Bureau decision date: 18/10/2016
    (United Kingdom

    The EESC welcomes the package on the modernisation of VAT on cross-border e-commerce, and endorses both its objectives and its focus on addressing the concerns of SMEs. The Committee welcomes the proposed extension of the MOSS to goods as it creates conditions for the possible removal of the Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) scheme. Furthermore, the amendments to the VAT rates applicable to e-publications rules would eliminate the distinction between physical and non-physical publications, and ensure neutrality in this market.

    EESC opinion: Digital Single Market VAT (e)-package (VAT on e-commerce, e-publications, e-books)
  • Adottati on 31/05/2017 - Bureau decision date: 13/12/2016
    Civil Society Organisations - GR III

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    EESC opinion: Europe's next leaders: the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative
  • Adottati on 30/03/2017 - Bureau decision date: 18/10/2016

    The EESC very much welcomes the Commission’s package of proposals and hopes that it will contribute effectively to complementing the work done after the crisis to reform the financial sector. The Committee welcomes the underlying holistic and integrated approach and believes that the proposed measures will undoubtedly help strengthen Europe’s prudential and resolution framework for banks. The Committee also these proposals will enable progress to be made not only in further advancing the Banking Union, but also in implementing its third pillar, the European Deposit Insurance Scheme and that certain specific adjustments in the proposals should facilitate the pursuit of a Capital Markets Union.

    EESC opinion: Amendment to the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) to incorporate modifications to the BASEL framework and findings from various reviews required under CRR. (working title)
    Agence Europe - 31.3.2017
  • Adottati on 29/03/2017 - Bureau decision date: 07/10/2015
    Employers - GR I
    EESC opinion: Recovery and resolution of central counterparties
  • Adottati on 29/03/2017 - Bureau decision date: 18/10/2016
    Employers - GR I
    EESC opinion: EU Regulatory Framework for Financial Services (Communication)
  • Adottati on 22/02/2017 - Bureau decision date: 24/01/2017
    EESC opinion: Ranking of unsecured debt instruments in insolvency hierarchy
  • Adottati on 22/02/2017 - Bureau decision date: 12/07/2016

    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) endorses the priorities set out in the European Commission's 2017 Annual Growth Survey.

    The European Semester is seen as a good instrument for further progress in policies and reform, leading to recovery and employment. The AGS 2017 outlines the most pressing economic and social priorities, accompanied by specific recommendations, however the EESC takes very seriously the negative aspects of the rules of the Stability and Growth Pact and Country-Specific Recommendations applied at national level to set the euro area fiscal stance.

    EESC opinion: 2017 Annual Growth Survey
  • Adottati on 22/02/2017 - Bureau decision date: 18/10/2016
    Workers - GR II
    (Czech Republic

    The EESC appreciates the European Commission's effort to apply an economic policy that focuses on supporting the strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the euro area as well as a balanced mix of monetary, fiscal and structural instruments in order to achieve this, including a positive fiscal stance.

    EESC opinion: Recommendation for a Council Recommendation on the economic policy of the euro area
  • Adottati on 22/02/2017 - Bureau decision date: 18/10/2016
    Employers - GR I

    The EESC welcomes the Commission proposal for a Council Directive to improve double taxation dispute resolution mechanisms in the EU. Double taxation is one of the biggest tax obstacles to the Single Market. There is an urgent need for mechanisms ensuring that cases of double taxation are resolved more quickly and more decisively when they arise between Member States. Therefore it is urgent to implement this proposal.

    EESC opinion: Initiative on Improving double taxation dispute resolution mechanisms
    Press cut - Faster EU solution for double taxation disputes
    Comment of the rapporteur Andersson
    Financial Times - 6.4.2017
  • Adottati on 25/01/2017 - Bureau decision date: 20/09/2016
    • The EESC welcomes the Communication from the Commission confirming the importance of Internet connectivity for the Digital Single Market and the need for Europe to deploy now the networks for its digital future.
    • The EESC notes that the Strategic Objectives for 2025 are ambitious but realistic, although they are largely dependent on national funding (private and public). There is a particular need for public investments to cover all remotes areas and guarantee minimum digital access for the vulnerable members of our society.
    • The EESC agrees with the proposal to introduce a voucher system for small communities and SMEs and supports the free "WIFI4EU" initiative for all Europeans in public places, public administrations, libraries and hospitals as well as outdoor spaces even. It recommends following eIDAS digital identity, which offers guarantees for data protection and public security against.
    EESC opinion: European Gigabit Society