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International trade is governed by a complex mixture of global rules agreed under World Trade Organization and bilateral and multilateral agreements. The free trade agreements are having a growing impact on citizens' rights. Under the Lisbon Treaty, EU trade policy must be conducted within the framework of the principles and objectives of the Union’s external action, including promotion of the rule of law, human rights and sustainable development.

We believe that this trend should be a guiding principle in EU trade negotiations and in trade relations. The fact that we at the EESC reconcile the positions and views of business, workers, professionals, farmers, consumers and other important stakeholders contributes real added value. We are in a position to efficiently relay the opinions of civil society and interest groups to international policy-makers both during negotiations and in the implementation of trade agreements. We have set up a Follow-up Committee on International trade to ensure that civil society has a say in the shaping of EU trade policy. We are also managing the Domestic Advisory groups set up under the trade and sustainable development chapters of the EU "new generation" trade agreements. These groups, composed of civil society representatives (from inside and outside the EESC) are responsible for identifying trade and sustainable development-related problems in the implementation of a trade agreement.

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  • World trade, a new paradigm?

    In this issue:

    • Our members write about the future of world trade and EU trade policy
    • Guest articles by Agnès Mathis (Director of Cooperatives Europe), Sergey Lagodinsky (Member of the European Parliament) and Carmen Lică (Executive Director of Centrul Step by Step Romania)
    • Interview with co-rapporteur Louise Grabo on challenges and opportunities of Crypto Assets
    • Information about the conference 'Civil society organisations defending and strengthening European democracy' on 30 March 2023
    Civil Society Organisations' Bulletin - March 2023
  • In this issue: 

    •  Overview of the Extraordinary Group III meeting in Finland
    •  Empowering Women through International Trade 
    •  Reflections on the EESC media seminar in Malaga
    •  Upcoming events in November: New Role Models for Societies in Europe & Day of the Liberal Professions 
    Diversity Europe Group newsletter - October 2019
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