EESC opinion: Security and Safeguarding Liberties

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EESC opinion: Security and Safeguarding Liberties

Key points:

The EESC firmly supports the fight against crime and terrorism and emphasises that progress in fighting terrorism and crime in the EU must be consolidated. There must be effective cooperation and coordination between Member States with regard to law enforcement, intelligence and judicial matters.

However, the fight against terrorism and organised crime should not jeopardise individual liberties and the rule of law.
The proposed framework programme is consistent with the Commission's intention to support the development of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice under the 2007-2013 financial perspectives. By extending this to cover citizenship it involves "a broader, more comprehensive concept for security". The added value of this framework programme is provided by its European dimension, which enables the generation of synergies between European and national fields of action.
The legal form and management of the proposed instruments are simplified, financing rationalised, assignment of priorities made more flexible and transparency increased.

Efforts must centre on the operational aspects, particularly in relation to the fight against terrorism, an especially insidious form of criminality that requires urgent action.