The Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2020 - Related links

European Commission

European Semester 2020 Spring package, (European Commission, Press Release, May 2020) ext.

2020 European Semester: Country-specific recommendations, (European Commission, Communication, May 2020) ext.

Spring Package Presentation- (European Commission, Power Point Presentation, 5 June 2020)

EU budget powering the recovery plan for Europe: “Europe's moment: Repair and Prepare for the Next Generation” (European Commission, Communication, May 2020) ext.

Establishing a Recovery and Resilience Facility, (European Commission, Proposal Regulation, May 2020) ext.

European Economic Forecast Spring 2020, (European Commission Publication, May 2020) ext.

EU countries present their National Reform Programmes and Stability/Convergence Programmes, (European Commission, April 2020) ext.

Communication on Country Reports, (European Commission, Communication, February 2020) ext.

Council of the European Union

Main results from ECOFIN meeting of 9 June 2020

Main results from ECOFIN meeting of 19 May 2020

Council conclusions on the European Semester 2020 country reports, including in-depth reviews and the implementation of the 2019 country-specific recommendations, 19 May 2020

Main results from ECOFIN meeting of 16 April 2020

European Parliament

What role for the European Semester in steering the economic recovery? (European Parliament briefing May 2020) uniquement EN – Ext

Economic Dialogue with the European Commission on the 2020 Country Specific Recommendations, (European Parliament briefing, May 2020) uniquement EN – Ext

Country-Specific Recommendations for 2018 and 2019 A tabular comparison and an overview of implementation, (European Parliament study, April 2020) uniquement EN – Ext

Implementation of the 2019 Country-Specific Recommendations, (European Parliament, At a Glance, April 2020) uniquement EN – Ext

Selected Euro Area Macroeconomic Indicators, (European Parliament, At a Glance, 11 June 2020) uniquement EN – Ext

Social Sustainability – Concepts and Benchmarks, (European Parliament, At a Glance, 16 March 2020) uniquement EN – Ext

European Central Bank

Eurosystem staff macroeconomic projections for the euro area, June 2020, uniquement EN – Ext

Other organisations

The EU’s recovery fund proposals: crisis relief with massive redistribution, (Bruegel, June 2020) uniquement EN – Ext

ETUC statement on COVID-19 outbreak and recovery strategy, (ETUC, June 2020)

Spring Package - marked and positive change from past says ETUC, (ETUC, May 2020)

A determined financial and non-financial European response - Message to the European Council video meeting on 19 June 2020, (BusinessEurope, June 2020)

EU recovery fund should restore business confidence, (BusinessEurope, May 2020)