Cooperated with trade unions and provided the public sector with assistance

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Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)

The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)  – with the direct involvement of company leaders – has been active on several fronts to combat the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis: through contacts with companies, cooperation with trade unions and providing the public sector with proposals and assistance.

At the very beginning of the crisis, the EK proposed the Government the emergency measures that are needed to save enterprises and jobs. The employers’ organisation, together with the employees' organisations, also approached policymakers with joint proposals.

The EK has constantly followed the situation at the grassroots level via business surveys, exploring the short-term outlook on issues such as liquidity, business volume and temporary lay-offs, as well as views on readiness for exit from the crisis. These surveys have provided necessary information on problems and needs in practice, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

The EK also provided the Government with a practical proposal for lifting restrictions. This exit strategy was accompanied by concrete initiatives from companies for public-private partnership, such as assistance in acquiring sanitary articles from abroad. The EK also mapped companies that could start the production of personal protective equipment in Finland.

Lastly, the EK prepared – together with its branch organisations – a set of good practices of exit measures for its member companies. These practices cover measures for safe return to workplaces, safe services and consumption, as well as safe transport.