Evidence-informed policy-making: What's on the TEN Section's agenda?

Panel discussions co-organised with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

EESC, JDE 62, 4 March 2016, from 11 a.m. till 1 p.m.

In the framework of the 152nd meeting of the Section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society (TEN Section), a thematic debate will be organised on the three main thematic pillars of the TEN Section with the Institute for Energy and Transport and Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

The three panel discussions will focus on Energy storage and energy security, Decarbonisation of transport - alternative fuels (biofuels, electric vehicles), alternative fuels' infrastructure, CO2 emissions and Digital Transformation of the Economy: Innovation in Education, Digital Skills and Employment implication.