4th European Conference on Plurilingualism

On 17 and 18 May, the European Economic and Social Committee hosted the 4th Conference on Plurilingualism, organised by the European Observatory for Plurilingualism in cooperation with GEM+ for European Multilingual Governance. The theme of this year's conference is "Plurilingualism and creativity: languages at the heart of Europe".

EESC President Georges Dassis had the opportunity to address the participants in his opening speech. He underlined the importance of multilingualism, mentioning that it had been part of Europe's DNA since 1958. It was a basic element of European integration, which was based on the EU motto "united in diversity". Mr. Dassis also highlighted the fact that multilingual corporate staff could increase competitiveness and pave the way for European and global growth. Knowledge of different languages ​​and cultures also had a positive influence on creativity and opened the mind, allowing you to see things from different angles.

Finally, Georges Dassis presented the EESC Opinion on the EU's multilingualism policy, which encourages language learning and active multilingualism in Europe. Its recommendations include ensuring easy access to the Lifelong Learning Programme. This programme's 7th objective specifically encourages language learning and linguistic diversity.