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Mr Jorma Mäntynen, Director of the Business and Logistics Unit
WSP Finland Ltd

Presentation by Mr Jorma Mäntynen - Transport Infrastructure - The Basis for Finnish Business and Logistics

32 pages

The "Smart Cities" project is a follow-up to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) own-initiative opinion on smart cities as a driver of a new European industrial policy, adopted in July 2015.

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The TEN section focuses its work on keeping the right balance between the three pillars of EU energy policy: competitiveness, sustainability and security. The new White Paper from the European Commission entitled “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – T owards a competitive and resource-efficient transport system”, which was adopted by the Commission on 28 March 2011, constitutes the basic reference for the work of the TEN section in the field of transport.

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This publication presents the priorities of the Employers' Group for 2019. The EU is facing exceptional economic and political challenges. At the same time rapid development of revolutionaly technologies, demographic changes and transition towards a low carbon and circular economy are transforming our societies.

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