European standardisation 2017

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EGSZB-vélemény: European standardisation 2017

Key points:

  • The Committee has already highlighted the importance of standards when it comes to strengthening the competitiveness of the single market, developing innovative products and services, and improving the quality and safety of these products and services for the benefit of consumers, workers, businesses and the environment.
  • As a representative of organised civil society, the Committee supports a standardisation system that responds to the needs both of society and of the economy.
  • If the pluralism of the European standardisation system is assured through the involvement of the organisations referred to in Annex III of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012, this will ensure that the system is more transparent and accessible.
  • The Committee points out that the competitiveness of SMEs should be supported by involving them in the process of developing and implementing standards, and by adopting appropriate educational measures to raise awareness about the benefits of standardisation.
  • As in its earlier opinion, the Committee supports the proposal to establish interinstitutional dialogue with regard to standardisation.


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