Support to small farmers: market access and supply

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Geneviève SAVIGNY
Confédération paysanne

The activities of small farmers have had to be supported at local level. Mostly we have collected and shared information on the evolving situation.

But we have also had to solve many problems, especially in relation to market access and supply.

For instance, we did a lot to make up for markets being closed. We reorganised our operations very quickly so that we could contact our customers systematically and arrange deliveries. We also set up order distribution points in the towns affected. I work in the poultry sector and know my customers very well, so I did not have too many problems with selling off my stock. For my colleagues who produce cheese, especially goat's cheese, April and May are very busy months in terms of production and sales, and they found it more difficult to sell their products. Several therefore focused on long-life cheese.

Finally, in a few villages we have kept small markets open by making them "socially distanced".

This reorganisation was more time-consuming, since taking orders requires extra work. Fortunately, we have a supportive and committed customer base that was eager to help their farmers out.