Draft agenda

1.  Adoption of the draft agenda

2. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 29 November 2018

3. Briefing by the president

  1. Follow up on the TSD Subcommittee meeting and the Civil Society Forum
  2. Domestic Advisory Group from Peru
  3. Review of the working methods of the DAGs

4. Debate with Nuno Sousa, Trade and Sustainable Development Unit, DG TRADE

  1. Follow up on the TSD Subcommittee meeting held in Quito, December 2018
  2. Priorities of the TSD Subcommittee for 2019
  3. Assessment of the work of the DAGs so far

5. Debate with the Evaluation Unit in charge of the Ex post Evaluation of the EU-Colombia, Peru and Ecuador FTA, DG Trade

6. Presentation of topics by the Groups

  1. Violence against trade unions in Colombia
  2. The effects of the FTA in the banana sector in Ecuador

7. Date of the next meeting of the EU DAG

8. Other business