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The general objective of the Report is to study the recent evolution of the social economy in the European Union. It focuses on three areas: firstly, the social economy and the emergent concepts/movements related to it, secondly, the public policies adopted in both the EU and the member states in recent years to enhance the social economy sector and thirdly, measuring the weight of the social economy in each EU member country.

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Throughout a substantial number of opinions, the Strasbourg event, and the Social Entrepreneurship project, the EESC is actively involved in the Social Entrepreneurship field. As a result of this project currently undertaken by the EESC, policy directions and concrete actions will be forwarded to the new Commission and Parliament at the fall of 2014.

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The "Social Economy" Category organised a joint conference with the SOC & INT Sections of the EESC entitled: "Social economy and social innovation as drivers of competitiveness, growth and social well-being: perspecitves and priorities for the new Commission and the European Parliament".



Presentation by Mr Ioakimidis

Presentation by Mr Le Mounier

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Conference Conclusions