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Usvojeno on 18/09/2013
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Sep 18, 2013 Sep 19, 2013

The EESC supports the Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic area, which sets out priorities for research and investment in the region and provides considerable European added value in terms of boosting blue growth under the Europe 2020 strategy. Cooperation will develop within this strategic framework between authorities and social and economic operators in the Atlantic regions of the five Member States concerned: Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal.

Action Plan for a Maritime Strategy in the Atlantic area

Nakon što je usvojio samoinicijativno mišljenje o pametnim otocima, Europski gospodarski i socijalni odbor odlučio je pokrenuti i projekt na tu temu. Projekt će započeti konferencijom Pametne politike za pametne otoke, koja će biti organizirana zajedno s mrežom INSULEUR i uz podršku Povjerenstva za otoke Konferencije rubnih pomorskih regija (CPMR) i Europske federacije malih otoka.


The "Smart Islands" project is the continuation of the European Economic and Social Committee's (EESC) own-initiative opinion on Smart Islands.

The project aims to engage and exchange with local stakeholders on innovative projects developed locally, which create sustainable growth and, at the same time, job opportunities and competiveness, whilst respecting the environment and cultural heritage".

As outcome of the project, a catalogue of good practices was published in 2017.

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