A new political framework for tourism in Europe

EESC opinion: A new political framework for tourism in Europe

Key points:

The EESC welcomes the Commission communication and makes a number of recommendations for strengthening and fleshing out the initiative.

First of all, the EESC again points to the possibility of setting up a European Tourism Agency which by effectively monitoring information relevant to supporting and promoting the measures outlined would bring together efforts which make real progress towards a global European tourism policy.

The EESC also believes it important to:

- encourage the setting up of a European gateway in all the EU languages;
- push for improvements to connections and communications, and update and present information on the internet;
- encourage the promotion of health and wellbeing and cultural tourism, or indeed tourism founded on an interest in wine and food, history or religion;
- enhance the quality of professional services through training and stable employment;
- encourage the governments of the Member States to support the development of small companies and micro-businesses in the tourism sector that reflect the traditions of region;
- encourage the elderly and people who are disabled or have special needs to choose destinations in Europe, by improving infrastructure and services;
- promote and publicise the level of security already provided in the EU;
- develop a more sound system of statistical monitoring and standardisation for tourism activities and relevant data;
- call for a common EU advertising strategy;
- introduce a European Vocational Certificate for tourism professions in the EU that is recognised by all the Member States;
- adopt measures to avoid structural unemployment in tourism businesses.


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