EESC opinion: Future Common European Asylum System

Key points

The Committee supports the adoption of a fair asylum system, i.e. an asylum system with a human face that takes account of asylum seekers' need for protection as a genuine objective to be included among the objectives for building a Europe that is also social.

It calls for conditions to be created that promote the respect of international conventions, European directives in line with international law and humanitarian law and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of the Council of Europe; a better distribution of the responsibilities incumbent on Member States; the speedy resettlement and integration of people granted protection as refugees or subsidiary protection; a sincere cooperation and co-development policy that improves effective democracy in certain third countries and that contributes to international solidarity in response to asylum needs.

The EESC recommends:

  • That those in need of international protection are always able to enter the territory of the European Union, irrespective of the level of strengthened controls.
  • That all asylum seekers are entitled to an effective and case-by-case examination of their applications.
  • That all appeals should always have the effect of suspending the execution of a repatriation order.
  • The Committee advises against the use of safe third country lists.
  • The EESC approves the creation of a European support office for Member States.