Statement of EESC president Christa Schweng and REX President Dimitriadis following the adoption of the Commission's Communication "Ukraine Relief and Reconstruction"

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Already 84 days have passed since the beginning of the unprovoked and unjustified Russian aggression against Ukraine. This tragic war on European soil is claiming lives of children, women and men, causing destruction of cities and infrastructure, never-ending human suffering and incalculable environmental damage.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) welcomes the Commission's Communication "Ukraine Relief and Reconstruction" and commends its dual approach, consisting, on the one hand, in an urgent help to finance the country's immediate needs and, on the other hand, in designing plans for Ukraine's longer-term reconstruction.  

The Committee notes with satisfaction that the spirit of the Communication is in line with the EESC's resolution on the "War in Ukraine and its economic, social and environmental impact", which called on the EU and its Member States to prepare an assistance and recovery plan for Ukraine in order to support the Ukrainian economy and the reconstruction of its destroyed infrastructure. Also, the Communication suggests to establish an international fund as proposed by the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform on 20 April. In this context, it is time to explore using frozen Russian assets in the post-war reconstruction.

While welcoming the significant emphasis put on rule of law reforms, fight against corruption and the green and digital transition, the Committee also deems it crucial to enhance support for Ukrainian civil society. Civil society should be involved in all Ukraine-related discussions, since it is best placed to express the needs of Ukrainian citizens and to assist with a follow-up of the progress in these areas.

The EESC stands ready to assist the Commission and other stakeholders in their endeavours in favour of Ukraine, and will continue to actively support Ukrainian civil society.

We stand with Ukraine. United for the future of Europe!