Involved in the consultations on the elaboration of normative acts and suggested social protection measures for employees and their families

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Sabin RUSU
Confederation of Romanian Democratic Trade Unions (CSDR)

Romania declared a state of emergency on 20 March 2020; this ran until 15 May when it changed to a state of alert which is still in effect.

The restrictive measures imposed also affected trade unions. Trade union confederations have been consulted on legislative acts adopting measures to support economic operators in sectors hit by COVID‑19, flanked by social protection measures for people employed in those sectors and their families.

Their members had to be kept informed about all legislative acts and the measures adopted, advised on how to put those measures into effect and provided with updates on the pandemic and the workplace.

Employers' associations have played their part and so, via workplace health and safety committees, disinfectants and masks have been provided, workplaces and toilets have been sanitised, arrangements have been made for people to work from home and work shifts have been adapted with a view to avoiding contact or maintaining social distancing.

Some trade unions have dug into their own funds to buy disinfectant, masks and necessary medical equipment.

Documents setting out the proposals and views of the European Economic and Social Committee have been forwarded to members and society as a whole.

We are monitoring the situation and problems encountered by colleagues with regard to implementing social protection measures and safeguarding jobs and workers' income.