Go sustainable, be responsible! European civil society on the road to Rio+20

This urgent need felt by citizens and their associations makes this year's UN Conference on Sustainable Development so important. World leaders in Rio de Janeiro this year have to commit to a concrete action plan leading to sustainable development and poverty eradication within the limited resources of our planet.

For that to happen, civil society is giving a strong signal and is calling on the world leaders that these decisions are needed, wanted and expected. We need to have public deliberations on the new kind of development we want to foster, we need open debates to promote public consensus on the measures we want our political leaders to take. And we need an active civil society showing which practical examples work, where we need to change established patterns and maybe values, and which political decisions are needed to enable civil society action towards sustainable development.


S.Nilsson speech_rio+20-eesc conference_07.02.2012_en

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