rEUnaissance – A cultural vision for Europe

Culture and the arts are key drivers for the future of Europe. I am therefore pleased to propose a short publication on culture and civil society, summarising the rEUnaissance – A cultural vision for Europe on Culture panel, which took place on 31 October 2019, during the EESC plenary session.

It is clear that what we need is a new renaissance for Europe, supported by a dynamic and open cultural narrative.This is one of the reasons why I made “culture” one of the priorities of my presidency. The EU is facing more and new challenges, to which we need to find innovative solutions. Not the kind of solutions which merely attempt to patch over the cracks, but a genuinely new, long-term and daring vision. Creativity and culture can help us create a genuine and sustainable winning agenda for the Europe of tomorrow. This is crucial as the future of Europe also depends on our creative and cultural vision

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