Industry 5.0

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is characterized by the integration of smart, connected, and autonomous digital and physical technologies like IoT and robotics. While this presents a range of benefits and opportunities, studies show that many remain worried of robots taking their jobs. This is why this conference on Industry 5.0 is relevant as it can shed light on how we can better integrate people into a society based more and more on digital technologies.

While some see Industry 4.0 as wasting human problem-solving skills, value-adding human creativity, and the critical and exclusively human ability to deeply understand customers, Industry 5.0 is focused on combining human beings' creativity and craftsmanship with the speed, productivity and consistency of robots. Industry 5.0 means to better appreciate the cooperation between robotics and human beings by combining their diverging strengths, in order to create a more inclusive and human-centred future.

This conference will feature two discussion panels that will touch upon topics such as:

The technology behind industry 5.0, which can help human beings and robotics to work better together. This entails learning more about collaborative robotics and human-machine interface.

How will Industry 5.0 affect worker's tasks, incomes, and the way we organize work? What skills need to be developed as we increasingly work collaboratively with industrial robots?  How can we advantage of human's intelligence, creativity and dexterity as best as possible?

In this next wave of industrial revolution we need to define the rules between human and machine interaction and the role of AI. We have to ask ourselves what conflicts may arise between humans and AI.

How will mass personalization as envisioned by Industry 5.0 – enabling manufacturing to adapt to changes according to consumer choice – affect trade?

What effect will mass personalization have on our production and consumption? Can it make us consume in a more sustainable ways?