Europski izbori 23. – 26. svibnja 2019.

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Usvojeno on 21/03/2019
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The opinion, requested by the Romanian Presidency, aims to look at possible ways through which people can acquire solid knowledge about the European Union, its foundations, procedures and actions, as well as its positive achievements and the concrete benefits it offers. This type of education would contribute towards building citizens' ownership over the European decision-making process and ensure that their vision, needs and priorities are adequately reflected in the European agenda at all levels.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: Education about the European Union (Exploratory opinion at the request of the Romanian Presidency)

Usvojeno on 20/03/2019
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The opinion tables proposals on how to enhance the European project and bring it closer to its citizens.

Mišljenje EGSO-a: The Future of the EU: Benefits to citizens and respect for European values (Exploratory opinion at the request of the Romanian Presidency)

What the EU does for me