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The following publication contains the English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish versions of the Sustainable Construction Glossary.  It is in an A-Z format, based on the English.  An index of all four languages can be found starting on page 147.  This index provides the reader with the exact page where the full definition can be found in a specific language.  The partners in this project are proud to launch this multilingual glossary.  The partners are, nevertheless, aware that, in this huge undertaking, there will be inaccuracies and improvements which could be made.  In the event of any suggestions, readers are therefore invited to make precise comments in preparation for future updates.  These should be sent to Jessica Johnson  

European Economic and Social Committee 

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) was set up in 1957 by the Treaties of Rome and is a consultative body of the European Union.  Its 344 members belong to economic, social and civic organisations in the 27 Member States.  Taken together, these organisations make up organised civil society.  The EESC enables its members to take part in the process of formulating EU policies and decisions.  Its building is in the heart of Brussels' European quarter.  Around 800 people, of which 40% in the translation service, work for the EESC and assist its members.  

Architects’ Council of Europe

The Architects' Council of Europe (ACE) is the European organisation representing the architectural profession at European level.  Its growing membership consists of member organisations, which are the nationally representative regulatory and professional bodies of all European Union (EU) Member States, Accession States, Switzerland and Norway.  Through them, it represents the interests of about 520,000 architects. 

European Concrete Platform 

The European Concrete Platform ASBL (ECP), is a European association incorporated as a non-profit association under Belgian law.  Its objective is to study and promote all aspects of concrete for construction.  The members of the European Concrete Platform are European branch associations representing the concrete industry and the constituents thereof.