Public procurement and concession contracts

EESC opinion: Public procurement and concession contracts

The EESC reflects in the opinion its view on a package of three Commission proposals: COM(2011) 895 final – 2011/0439 (COD)COM(2011) 896 final – 2011/0438 (COD) and COM(2011) 897 final – 2011/0897 (COD)

Key points:

In its opinion the EESC:

  • emphasises the importance of taking account of the innovative environmental and social aspects of the Europe 2020 Strategy with regard to public procurement;
  • reconfirms its support for the award of reserved contracts to sheltered workshops for disabled people and to social enterprises that employ other disadvantaged groups;
  • believes that excessive use continues to be made of the "lowest cost" or "lowest price" award criterion. This criterion should therefore always be the exception rather than the rule;
  • considers that the provisions on subcontracting must be strengthened;
  • is in favour of maintaining the difference between A and B Services under the condition of legal certainty and the possible extension of cross-border contracts of B Services;
  • notes that considerable doubt persists regarding the need for a EU directive on the award of concession contracts;
  • considers that the methods provided for calculating the value of concession contracts should be streamlined and made simpler in order to increase legal certainty; only one method should apply to estimate the value of all types of concessions;
  • advocates the setting up of national oversight mechanisms in the Member States in charge of the implementation and monitoring of public procurement.

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