Welcome speech at the "Your Europe Your Say" event

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) represents the interests of organised civil society. It’s the place where civil society organisations have their say on all EU legislation and where you, through your association, can be heard.

Tomorrow you will discuss the EESC opinion on "Rio+20", on which you have already prepared amendments. We will help you to make your voice heard at the highest international level. A head of unit from the European Commission and a representative of the United Nation Environment Programme will be here tomorrow and we will make sure that the international institutions get your message, so that they can take it into consideration.

The European Economic and Social Committee is very keen to engage with youth on sustainable development as we are preparing to give input and participate in the UN Conference on Sustainable Development that will take place in 20-22 June in Rio de Janeiro. This Conference is a crucial opportunity to send a clear message for a global change towards a green and sustainable economy and poverty eradication.

Sustainable Development is very relevant for future generations, also your generation. We need to ensure now that by meeting our everyday's needs we do not harm the ability of your and future generations to meet your and future needs.

The Earth resources are limited and we need you to help us now to start creating a different world. You are part of the European civil society and you can and should play an essential role in shaping a sustainable world, your world. So please, take actively part in these two days, share your views, let us have your ideas and suggestions and be part of the process to the UN Conference in Rio.


Staffan Nilsson`s welcome speech at "Your Europe Your Say"

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