European Economic Area Consultative Committee adopts resolutions on European Pillar of Social Rights, digitalisation

EESC Members met social partners from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in Prague on 6-7 June for the 25th meeting of the EEA Consultative Committee


The EEA Consultative Committee (EEA CC) adopted two resolutions, on the Social Dimension of the EEA and the European Pillar of Social Rights, and on Digitalisation and its impact on jobs and skills.

In the first resolution, the EEA CC underlines that the social dimension of the Internal Market and the initiatives under the European Pillar of Social Rights are also relevant for the EEA EFTA States given the scope of the EEA Agreement. The Members of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the EU body representing organised civil society, emphasised the important role of social dialogue, including at European level where EFTA social partners participate fully.

In the second resolution, the Committee calls for proactive policymaking at EU and national level to unlock the potential of digitalisation for the benefit of both businesses and workers, bearing in mind that these developments present both opportunities and risks for the economy and labour market and need to be managed in a sustainable way. The EEA CC emphasised the importance of providing citizens and workers with the right skills for a labour market in transition.

Members discussed EEA developments with a particular focus on the implications of Brexit for the EEA Agreement. The Committee also met with the Czech Deputy Minister for Europe, Jakub Dürr, for an exchange of views on current EU issues and on the ongoing reflexions on the future of Europe.



The European Economic Area Consultative Committee (EEA CC) is part of the EEA agreement. It represents employers, employees and other civil society players of the member states of the EEA. Non-EU members include Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Switzerland sends observers. The Committee comprises representatives of the EESC and of the EFTA Consultative Committee. The EEA CC meets once a year and is currently chaired jointly by Mr Petr Zahradník, EESC member, and Mr Halldor Árnason, chairman of the EFTA Consultative Committee.