The European Economic and Social Committee voices support for Chilean civil society in the current social conflict

Chile flag
Chile flag

Representatives of European and Chilean civil society held a videoconference on 27 November, as it was impossible for them to hold the fourth meeting of their Joint Consultative Committee under present circumstances. In the videoconference, the members of the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) adopted a statement in which they regretted the social and political situation in Chile.

The EESC members of the JCC expressed their concern at the current situation in Chile. They also deplored the deaths and injuries that had occurred in Santiago and other cities in Chile over recent weeks, and condemned the violence that had taken place. In this regard, the EESC delegation expressed full solidarity and support for its Chilean counterpart, and hoped that the current social conflict in Chile could be ended as quickly as possible and the necessary agreement to resolve it reached.

The EESC also considered that maintaining official links between Chilean and European civil society in the form of a consultative body was a positive and necessary aspect of the EU-Chile Association Agreement, that could meet the demands of the organisations comprising the Chilean side. The EESC delegation emphasised its support for its Chilean counterpart body, which gave a voice to civil society and was a model for further strengthening democratic and inclusive institutions in Chile.

The EESC repeated its call for the authorities of both sides to provide the JCC with maximum institutional, political, operational and financial support so as to increase the capacity, solidity and skills of civil society on both sides.

The JCC is a permanent body for consultation between civil society in Chile and the EU, made up of members of the EESC and of Chilean employers', workers' and professional organisations. It is chaired jointly by Josep Puxeu Rocamora, from the EESC side, and Roberto Zúñiga from the Chilean side.