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The EESC is organising a virtual hearing on the New Pact on Migration and Asylum on 26 November 2020. The aim of the hearing is to provide an understanding of the key elements of the Pact and evaluate its impact on the European migration and asylum framework. By including perspectives from relevant institutional stakeholders, think tanks, social partners and civil society organisations, it will explore whether the Pact brings about the systemic change necessary to overcome the current deadlock and develop a sustainable, rational and rights-based EU asylum and migration policy.


The 9th meeting of the EU-DAG under CETA is the first meeting to take place under the new Mandate 2020 -2022. Members proceeded to appoint the new President and Vice-Presidents.  DG Trade made a presentation on EU-Canada trade relationship, the Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) Chapter review, the impact of Covid on current EU-Canada Trade and the upcoming Civil society Forum and sub-committee on TSD.  Members of the EU DAG exchanged views on a new work programme and priorities and discussed preparations for the upcoming Joint meeting of the EU-Canada DAGs (DAG-to-DAG) on 7 December 2020.

Extraordinary meeting of the Workers' Group

The Workers' Group is organising an extraordinary meeting on the current challenges for Europe and the priorities of the Workers' Group in this framework.  


The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) envisages that DAG members of each Party will meet together at a Civil Society Forum to conduct a dialogue encompassing sustainable development aspects of trade relations between the Parties. The Civil Society Forum meets once a year unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, with the venue alternating between Brussels and Singapore.


A DAG-to-DAG is a joint civil society body between the partner countries of a Free Trade Agreement, bringing together the separate DAGs of each party. This is the 1st joint meeting of the EU and Singapore DAGs under the EU-Singapore FTA.

Implementation of the TSD Chapter within the EU-Singapore FTA and the contribution by the economic, social and environmental civil society actors to its monitoring

In this first workshop that gathers together the members of the EU DAG and Singapore DAG the focus will be on the consultation of civil society in the context of policy and legislation development and implementation, including in the context of trade policy, trade agreements and Trade and Sustainable Development chapters.


Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) played a central role in bringing the consensual views of organised civil society in the EU to the attention of policy-makers and contributing to the rapidly evolving economic policy response at European level. 

In this regard, we believe that now is the time for the EU institutions to make decisive steps in approving swiftly the new Facility and putting in place the necessary implementation mechanisms at European and national level, so that the hardest hit Member States, citizens and businesses can benefit from the relevant EU funding when they need it most.