An open Europe – How does it benefit us all?

The conference aims to elaborate the role of the openness of the economy and society in building a business-friendly and strong EU. The timing of the conference, coinciding with the start of the new mandate of the European Commission and the European Parliament, will make it possible to convey a strong business message to policy-makers both at the EU and national levels. The conference also provides the participants with an opportunity to discuss and exchange views on the topics in question with a wide range of stakeholders.

Panel 1 "Open economy – back to the basics" will discuss the merits of and the future expectations for the Single Market and global trade as the core areas of common EU policies.

Panel 2 "Open society – values in practice" addresses the role of dialogue, diversity and rule of law in ensuring a supportive business environment.

The conference is an official side-event on the agenda of the Finnish EU Presidency.