Debate on the future financing of the EU

The High Level Group on Own Resources, chaired by Mr Mario Monti, published its final report, recommending reforms both on the revenue and the expenditure side, to address current challenges and to achieve tangible results for the European citizens.  

The EESC has since long advocated the introduction of a new system of own resources that would help abandon the "juste retour" principle which is contrary to the values of solidarity and mutual benefit that underpin European integration. In an opinion, the EESC considers that the present Multiannual Financial Framework and the post-2020 version should concentrate their resources sufficiently, directing them towards programmes that can relaunch economic, social and environmental development and stimulate employment, innovation and competitiveness, very much in line with the recommendations of the high level group.

Mr Monti discussed the findings and recommendations of the high level group and of the EESC with the members of the EESC's ECO Section at their meeting on Thursday, 6 April 2017, at the EESC premises in Brussels.


Agence Europe - 6.4.2017
Speaking points Mario Monti