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A vision for a stronger and more resilient post-COVID Europe

The European Union should prosper economically, and be socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. It should provide sound conditions for all of civil society to thrive and live in open, values-based democracies. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will focus on supporting the active contribution of civil society actors to this overarching vision of Europe and on providing valuable expertise to policymakers, for a more participatory Europe and policies that are more effective and which tie in better with the economic, social and civic situations on the ground.
This term of office will be marked by COVID-19 and, sadly, by times of uncertainty and economic and social hardship, in which businesses struggle to survive and workers lose their jobs. Until a vaccine is available and widely accepted, our "new normal" will continue to be social distancing, wearing masks, hybrid or remote meetings and interrupted business activities.

In the current context, more than ever, we need to join forces, develop a vision for a new, post-COVID Europe and do our utmost to ensure a powerful contribution from our Committee to Europe’s recovery and future resilience. This will go hand in hand with the rebuilding of a more united, effective and highly regarded EESC.

Download the detailed priorities here.


EESC President Christa Schweng - Priorities