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Declaration by
EESC President

We can no longer waste any of our time. We want a responsible and supportive Europe, respectful of human rights. We want a Europe that knows how to welcome diversity in an organised way and make it a truly enriching experiencing. Because on the banknotes we handle every day there are no walls but bridges, no closed ports but open doors and windows, symbolising the European spirit of openness and cooperation. 



"They [the Catholics] are not to be trusted. They do not belong here." Just back from Ireland, the voice of a mother resonates in my mind, pointing out just how fragile peace is in a place that once, not so long ago, was devastated by religious divisions and psychological borders. The mother has since changed her mind after participating in the EU-funded PEACE programme, but her words are a strong reminder that Brexit can reignite past discord. 

Statement by
Luca Jahier, EESC President

Finland assumes today, for the third time in its history, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. We all agree there is no other alternative than accelerate sustainability. The faster the transition, the better it will be for prosperity and democracy in Europe. I strongly welcome the clear message from President Antti Rinne “A key priority of Finland’s Presidency is the EU’s global leadership in climate action.”